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We are currently translating the "Licence Agreement” and "Privacy Policy". We would like to remind you that the contractual effects and each aspect of your relation with Noddus are regulated under the Spanish law as per the Spanish version of the document denominated “Licencia de derechos” and "Política de Privacidad". Thereby, the English translation serves just as a courtesy document for our International users.

Snapupp Technologies SL, with identification number B87102760, with address ("site") and email

These conditions apply to the users accessing the service through the domain page

By registering as a user and obtaining the corresponding keys and passwords to use the service, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these conditions, and certifies that you have obtained the necessary authorization to hire the service offered Noddus.

This is a private web service (login-access based) in which users (content providers) can load, display and offer material in the form of images, audio content and / or visual, audiovisual or written (hereafter referred to as either "content" or "material"), for subsequent transfer and right of use by their customers.

Material or content that is part of the service may be protected by copyright laws. Copyrights are not transferred to the customer or to Noddus. Noddus get only the assignment of a right limited to the conditions specified at the time of purchase, keeping the creator of the content the ownership of copyright.

When uploading content - the author is presumed – in Noddus the creator grants a right of exploitation, non-exclusive, of temporary use and global, based on terms of art. 48 of Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, during the contract period, to reproduce, adapt (to the technical requirements of connecting networks, devices, services or media), modify or transform (if not liable to jeopardize his legitimate interests or threaten his reputation), translate, publicly display, and distribute content, assigning the right to use it.

The user confirms and guarantees that during the term of the contract has all the necessary rights and authorizations on the material that is uploaded to the service so that Noddus can exercise the operation/s indicated above. Employees registered with login are responsible for all content uploaded to the platform and understand is forbidden to upload protected content or prohibited by law.

If the material or content is presented by the client in a way, or in a context that violates the intellectual property rights of the owner of the copyright, the user is responsible for all claims for damages.

If the works of other holders of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property, appear in a content, the user is responsible for obtaining the necessary permission for its use and is also the one responsible for claims for damages that may ensue.

Noddus reserves the following rights: preview, review, flag, filter, modify, refuse or remove any content or material uploaded to the service. Noddus can use tools to filter, evaluate and optimize content to your discretion.

User is not allowed to disseminate, distribute, publish or provide existing information on the web that is in conflict with the law, especially concerning the safeguarding of intellectual property rights.

Noddus not control or endorse the content that employees rise to the web, stored on the server Noddus. This means, for example, that Noddus accepts no liability if the user obtains a content that is illegal in the context of its service or website. Nor will it be responsible for the use of the site in any manner other than that required by law or if your use violates the terms of service and / or access.

Noddus is exempt from liability for damages generated by the breach of any obligation under these conditions, or if the failure is due to circumstances beyond the control of Noddus and that prevent or hinder the performance of them.

The intellectual property rights over the material Noddus not part of the service contracted by the user and yet it is obtainable Noddus is owned and / or its partners. You may not, in whole or in part, copy, modify, transmit, sell, loan, or otherwise exploit that material unless he is granted permission to do Noddus and / or its partners. You may not decompile or reverse engineer any software or other material Noddus or other copyrighted material contained in the Service, except and only to the extent that it is expressly permitted.

The Spanish legislation, especially the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12, approving the revised text of the Copyright Act was passed, shall apply to these conditions to be established Noddus, a provider of services, Spain. Disputes arising due to these terms of service shall be decided by a court of the domicile of Noddus, ie the judicial district of Madrid.

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